Water Damage Restoration and Flood Damage Information
For Your Property

Water damages require immediate attention to minimize further losses. In case water damage occurs in your home or property try to locate the problem. By doing so you can help prevent further damage. Examples are turning off the water line for faucet, washing machine or dishwasher. Call a plumber to report a leak for service and report the damage to your Insurance Company. Your insurance adjusters will guide you through the process and will give you advices on what to do. Then move Items in advance such as furniture, boxes, clothes, beds, etc. to a room which is unaffected. The basic idea here is to Move and protect your personal belongings and documents.

Standing water and wet materials are a breeding ground for microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and mold. "Allow molds to grow on home and or a building, materials that are soaked wet for more than 24 hours, and in "48 hours of wetness, the deadly toxic mold Stachybotrys can begin growing in the damaged areas." This is a fact and documented by mold experts.

Water Damage Tips:


Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping the area or using a wet/dry vacuum.


Wipe as much excess water from wood furniture as you can and remove tabletop lamps and other items from the furniture.


Turn the air conditioning on for maximum drying in the summer and open the windows in the winter to release trapped for an improved indoor air quality.


Remove any artwork and paintings from the walls if affected, remove any area rugs from the floor and hang to dry outside or inside.


Remove wet upholstery cushions from the frame and prop them up to dry immediately.


Place plastic or aluminum foil under any furniture legs that are not plastic to prevent discoloration or bleeding.


Punch tiny holes in a sagging ceiling to relieve trapped water make sure to place something underneath the holes beforehand to collect any trapped water.


Make sure that electrical appliances are turned off while standing on wet carpets, floors or especially on wet concrete floors to prevent possible electrocution.


Report your damage to your insurance company.


Get help from a Professional water damage restoration company.

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